Chris Stryczynski

Software Developer / Consultant



02/08/2020Dynamic theme color for Vim based on time of day
01/03/2020Spacemacs to Vim migration guide
28/02/2020Inspecting Nix Niv using the nix repl
20/02/2020A quick introduction to Nix packages, channels and Nixos generations
06/02/2020When you shouldn't use Kubernetes
18/01/2020My ancedotal experience managing RSI as a programmer


26/12/2019Kubernetes sharp edges to watch out for
14/12/2019Haskell Persistent tutorial via GitChapter
28/11/2019How to install Nixos using GPT-EFI
17/11/2019Nixos container example with private network + ipv4 + ipv6
23/10/2019Simple Bash script to backup multiple directories into Google Cloud Storage with tar archives
15/10/2019Quick thoughts on Bitbucket pipelines vs Travis vs CircleCI vs Gitlab vs Google Cloud Build
13/09/2019How to kubectl apply from stdin
03/07/2019Running Kubespray via Nix
20/06/2019What is the purpose of the Nix store database?
12/06/2019Kubernetes create service account and get bearer token
09/06/2019How to install a custom XMonad as a nix package in Nixos
01/06/2019How to explore Nixos nixpkgs using the Nix repl
29/05/2019How to NOT build a stack project with nix
24/05/2019How to adjust the webcam settings of a Logitech C920 webcam on Linux
19/05/2019Configuring Brother HL-1212W laser printer on Linux
21/04/2019There should be an idiomatic way of saving recent files
08/03/2019Run nix programs directly without needing to install them to the user or system packages
19/02/2019One dollar blog service
17/02/2019Grafana dashboard for collectd data sourced from elasticsearch


19/12/2018Audio noise generation with sox
31/10/2018List of Haskell language extensions
25/08/2018Haskell thyme format time example
01/08/2018When things go wrong by using a Kubernetes beta feature...
15/07/2018What is a time locale in Haskell?
15/07/2018How to write blog posts with source code effectively?
25/06/2018Open Emacs magit from command line
12/06/2018How to use Letsencrypt certbot with your own webserver
04/06/2018Org mode is amazing!
03/06/2018Haskell Brick tutorial - written with GitChapter
22/05/2018Kubernetes is ripe for disruption
06/05/2018How to install Nixos using just a nixos configuration
01/05/2018HTTP load testing / benchmarking programs - Siege vs wrk vs ab - they all suck
30/04/2018Change docker library location using systemd
25/03/2018Hart article - A Gentle Introduction To Monad Transformers
18/03/2018Attoparsec sepBy example
16/03/2018Tips for debugging Haskell code
08/03/2018Retrieve Kubernetes API secret on minikube with simple Bash script
04/03/2018How to modify a dynamic nested YAML object with Haskell
27/02/2018Things I've learnt that help me stay productive when working alone
20/02/2018Haskell Tutorial - Command line to do application
02/02/2018PostgreSQL Gotchas
31/01/2018Kinesis Advantage mapping for programming / coding
20/01/2018Bitcoin Lightning Network Now Live


09/12/2017Cheapest 4K compatible graphics card
19/09/2017How to copy files from Kubernetes pod?
12/09/2017Why the fuck does Kubernetes use all up the CPU!?
12/09/2017Static methods are amazing in object orientated programming
01/09/2017Software projects should have these two clearly defined definitions
21/08/2017Comparing two popular Arch Linux AUR helpers - Pacaur vs Yaourt
22/07/2017The Ultimate PHP Docker Compose Configuration
18/07/2017Useful docker command line functions
17/07/2017Log exceptions and errors with PHP Slim 3 using Monolog
07/07/2017Postgrest is pretty awesome though it does have some limitations
02/07/2017Root Samsung J5 using Heimdall and Cf-auto-root
15/06/2017Heart Internet sucks
18/05/2017Haskell learning resources
19/04/2017My introduction with digestive-functors
14/04/2017My Vim Fu Regex
14/04/2017Going freelance fulltime!
08/04/2017Windows tiling manager 4K / large monitor friendly layout - XMonad layout
04/04/2017Awesome podcasts / talks about software development
21/03/2017Disable Haskell warnings and errors in a single file
03/02/2017Functional programming has made me a worse programmer
20/01/2017Awesome Linux utilities


21/12/2016Stack / cabal config for trifecta 1.5.2
07/12/2016Quick start for Spacemacs Haskell
28/08/2016Draw Stuff With Haskell using Gloss