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Kubernetes is ripe for disruption

Posted on: 22/05/2018

Having used Kubernetes (commonly shortened to K8S) extensively for various projects. There are a few jarring issues.

I think the main issue is it was originally developed by Google - and I’m suspecting there is a load of documentation and a ‘userbase’ that exists internally only.

The fact that K8s just got dumped as open source to the community and it seems various individual have to pick up the pieces.

User ‘on boarding’ for this project is horrendous. It looks to be such a large, useful project but the amount of headache, lack of documentation, unclear documentation is just jarring experience.

Not that I’m complaining - the fact that it’s so difficult to get introduced with is possibly why I’m able to take on so many Kubernetes projects recently in my consulting practice.

But still I think a massive rewrite is going to eventually occur, or worse yet - all the ideas will be copied over and a completely fresh implementation will be written. I’ve actually considered starting such a project - it’s all declarative yaml files that a end user interfaces with anyway - so it’s rather perfect rewrite opportunity.

Time will tell how this unfolds!


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