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Heart Internet sucks

Posted on: 15/06/2017

Need telephone support (because your website is a nightmare to use)? Press 4 for technical support, “for security reasons you need to use the online ticket system”. 

Firstly, if you buy a domain, you can’t just point your domain to them. Nope, you have to literally transfer your domain over. 

Holy dam. Just had a client who uses them as a host.

Need SSH? Then you need to download a PDF form, fill it out, email or FAX them?!?!? Indemnify them against any damage caused? Passport? Utility bill?

Need to make a MySQL user, then don’t use a username longer than 9 chars.

Oh is your site down? Well in case you want urgent support they show you this:

Have a look at another unhappy customer: 

Holy dam, worst web host I’ve ever dealt with!

If you’re thinking of switching, I’ve had much better experience with 1and1 and Linode.


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