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Org mode is amazing!

Posted on: 04/06/2018

I used to keep a todo in a indent-hierarchy plain text file. And I thought org-mode had the cool folding functionality so I thought I’d try it out (that is all I wanted it for).

However I’ve been blown away by the simplicity and the usefulness of org-mode.

It’s really quite simple to use - even with Spacemacs (Vim mode) it works without any major incompatibilities.

And it’s so convenient! I’ve only just started using it a few weeks ago - but I use it for everything now. Beats random text files saved x100.

Today I was debugging something complex for a client of mine, I kept all my findings and general ‘notes’ in a single org file. At the end of the day I realized this file would be useful to send over - but obviously I can’t expect them to use org-mode….

So I google for a a org-mode to markdown convertor - and wahooooo it’s a single command with the amazing Pandoc (written in Haskell! hey hey hey!):

pandoc -s -o


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