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Kinesis Advantage mapping for programming / coding

Posted on: 31/01/2018

I finally got a Kinesis advantage! I didn’t realize the newer models had mechanical keys until not too long ago. It’s super awesome! But holy dam does it feel annoying to having to relearn how to type, it took about a week to feel comfortable (a week of normal usage). I’d say it takes a good 4 weeks to really mold your fingers to the keyboard, initially I remember feeling like my fingers were ‘falling off’, as well as having some discomfort in my knuckles

Here is the mapping I have configured:

Caps lock -> CTRL
Delete -> ALT
Backspace -> Windows (super)
Home -> Escape
End -> backspace
Up cursor -> [{
Down cursor -> ]}
[ -> /?
] -> `~
Right cusor -> =+
LCTRL -> Down arrow
RCTRL -> Up arrow
LALT -> Left arrow
RALT -> Right arrow

The above suggestions are slightly biased towards my heavy use of the windows key for my windows tiling manager, but I’d recommend to definitely override the backspace key under the thumb - as I don’t think it’s a key with frequent usage.


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