Chris Stryczynski

Software Developer / Consultant

Kubernetes Consulting

I’ve been working with Kubernetes since 2017 and have spent many evenings shouting at my monitor (so you don’t have to!). I’m able to take on individual projects as well as provide as-needed ad hoc support .

Predominantly I’ve helped migrate existing systems to Kubernetes which usually involves:

  • Training and support to individuals and teams on getting up to speed with Kubernetes
  • Containerization of the applications, mostly commonly with Docker
  • Automated deployment pipelines also known as CICD

Some of the benefits in migrating to Kubernetes include:

  • More effective resource utilization - in turn resulting in lower running costs
  • System / uptime reliability
  • Ease of deployment

If I sound like a person that can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Always happy to have a chat! Rest assured I won’t blindly lead you down the Kubernetes route if I don’t think it’s the right choice for you. I’ve even written a post on When you shouldn’t use Kubernetes.

I work remotely from the UK and occasionally can consider working on site.