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Quick thoughts on Bitbucket pipelines vs Travis vs CircleCI vs Gitlab vs Google Cloud Build

Posted on: 15/10/2019

Some quick thoughts on what I remember about all these CICD systems.

Gitlab (Rating 4/5):

  • Feels massively comprehensive
  • You can host your own “runners”
  • The documentation can be all over the place. Specially with the gitlab issues - where solutions / workarounds are mixed in with hundreds of other comments

CircleCI (Rating 4/5):

  • Setting environment variables are done ONE AT A TIME. So many clicks… It’s really tedious.

Google Cloud Build (Rating 4/5):

  • Real nice that you can set custom instance types - for example if you wanted instances with more CPU / memory - it’s just a single line to specify this

Bitbucket pipelines (Rating: 3/5):

  • Really simple

Travis (Rating: 1/5):


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