Chris Stryczynski

Software Developer / Consultant


Need help with your business or project?:

I am always happy to have a chat!

My experience:

I’m passionate in what I do - main experience has been with PHP which I’ve worked with predominantly in my permanent roles, though I’ve also had some experience with other programming languages like Python. Since about a year ago I’ve been investigating functional programming via Haskell which I’ve since greatly admired, and have used to develop a few side projects (you’ll be able to see them on my Github profile). I’ve worked with various database systems including MySQL, PostgreSQL (which has amazing JSON integration) and Cassandra.

I’m also a Linux fanatic, using Arch Linux for number of years. I also have experience using the two main cloud infrastructure providers - Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Microservices, Docker and Kubernetes is something I have experience with as well - definitely the infrastructure of the future!

Along the side I’ve also had minor exposure to things like Google Analytics, API intergrations with various services (Google, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon and more).

A bit about me:

I grew up in a small town in South Africa. I currently live in the UK and have EU citizenship. I started out providing tech support as a teenager, got interested in programming, and started to take on website projects, from here I continued with a few permanent positions. This got boring, I wanted to be more involved, have greater freedom and provide more value!

On 2017 I started my journey of a full time independent software developer / consultant! Since this time I’ve worked with local businesses, startups and individuals all around the world!

I aim to fundamentally understand my client’s needs, provide support and leverage my strong technical background to deliver optimal solutions using innovative technologies and strategies. Hey, that actually sounds pretty good haha!