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What is the purpose of the Nix store database?

Posted on: 20/06/2019

So I asked the question on the #nixos IRC:

21:03 < chrisq2> Hopefully a quick question, what is the Nix database 
                 responsible for? What is it's purpose? 
21:04 < MichaelRaskin> It keeps track of what paths are actually valid, and 
                       what are their dependency relations

Sooo if we copy the database and open it up:

cp /nix/var/nix/db/db.sqlite .
sqlite3 db.sqlite '.schema'
    id               integer primary key autoincrement not null,
    path             text unique not null,
    hash             text not null,
    registrationTime integer not null,
    deriver          text,
    narSize          integer,
    ultimate         integer, -- null implies "false"
igs             text, -- space-separated
    ca               text -- if not null, an assertion that the path is content-addressed; see ValidPathInfo
CREATE TABLE sqlite_sequence(name,seq);
    referrer  integer not null,
    reference integer not null,
    primary key (referrer, reference),
    foreign key (referrer) references ValidPaths(id) on delete cascade,
    foreign key (reference) references ValidPaths(id) on delete restrict
CREATE INDEX IndexReferrer on Refs(referrer);
CREATE INDEX IndexReference on Refs(reference);
CREATE TRIGGER DeleteSelfRefs before delete on ValidPaths
    delete from Refs where referrer = and reference =;
CREATE TABLE DerivationOutputs (
    drv  integer not null,
    id   text not null, -- symbolic output id, usually "out"
    path text not null,
    primary key (drv, id),
    foreign key (drv) references ValidPaths(id) on delete cascade
CREATE INDEX IndexDerivationOutputs on DerivationOutputs(path);

Oohh so thats how nix keeps track of it’s dependencies. Presumably!


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