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Haskell Brick tutorial - written with GitChapter

Posted on: 03/06/2018

This project is written with, this means you are able to clone down the project from, and hack along from each section where you see the following:

Git From Commit: 

Git Until Commit: 

This time we’ll be looking at brick they also have an exellent guide written here:

Simple start

Okay so far so good.

Lets get the simplest example we can:

We need to add two packages and the ghci-options threaded (using hpack instead of the usual cabl):

diff --git a/package.yaml b/package.yaml
index d3805a9..c74178e 100644
--- a/package.yaml
+++ b/package.yaml
@@ -6,8 +6,11 @@ build-type: Simple
 maintainer: Chris Stryczynski
 - base >=4.10 && <4.11
+- brick
+- vty
 name: app
 version: ''
 author: Chris Stryczynski
 license: BSD3
+ghc-options: -threaded

And we start of with:

Now if we build and run the project we see:

The command failed with exit code (1). [?1049h[?1049l[?12l[?25h(B[?12l[?25happ: empty picture

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