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Awesome Linux utilities

Posted on: 20/01/2017

14 awesome Linux utilities with demonstrative GIFs. Compiled into a single list! Increase your productivity! Unleash your CLI power! Save time!

fzf - Fuzzy search for files / command line history

ranger - filesystem browser (in the form of a tree)

zf A shell plugin that seamlessly adds fuzzy search to tab completion of z, lets you easy to jump around among your historical directories. Not any additional key binding is needed. Currently supports Bash and zsh.

tree - like ls but recurses into the directories and outputs it nicely

ccze - colorize output (usefull for logs)

ag (the silver searcher) - like grep but much faster and orientated towards source code

xclip - paste / copy to the the clipboard from command output / files

maim - screenshot utility

zim - zsh plugin (oh-my-zsh alternative)

tint2 - A very customizable panel / workspace / window taskbar:

Human-Friendly-Commands - an awesome utillity for common command line commands, no need to remember cryptic commands anymore! Aims to cover the 20% of commands that you use 80% of the time.

exa is a replacement for ls written in Rust.

PathPicker (fpp) Interactive path picker from stdout

fd is a simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find. Written in Rust! Recycle your clipboard selections with greenclip and don’t waste your time anymore to reselect things other and other. Essentially a clipboard manager that integrates with rofi.


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