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Software projects should have these two clearly defined definitions

What problem does it solve? In plain fucking English. No bullshit marketing talk. 
What are the limitations? As developers you're in a key fucking position to identify what the limitations of your software are. 

This blog post is the result of me realizing that Bitbucket pipelines don't support running docker containers. `docker run` doesn't work. If I was using my own infrastructure and Jenkins I wouldn't have to deal with this right now.

So I'll start a half list here, listing only the limitations. Perhaps it'll grow. We'll see.

Bitbucket pipeline limitations: Does not support running multiple docker images.
Kubernetes: Allocates a fuck load of CPU to something other then your intended microservices.
Postgrest: Does not support filtering on related tables.
PHP: Does not support immutable values or currying.
Arch Linux: Does not have a simple installation interface.
Virtual Box: Fucks up majorly if a Linux 'sendfile' syscall is used (which a webserver would use) -

Written by Christian Stryczynski on Friday September 1, 2017

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