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My introduction with digestive-functors

`Form` is a type that encapsulates 'inputtable' form inputs and validation rules.
`View` is a type that encapsulates a sort of 'form state' - a form, some input, their errors.

`runView` is a conventional function that is used to create a `View` from a `Form` and input. So there are a few 'bindings' for common web frameworks (snap / scotty / happstack) that implement this function. 

If you were to implement your own `runView` function without any web framework, you'd essentially need to create a mock request (`Network.Wai` related).

data User = User
    { userName :: Text
    , userMail :: Text
    } deriving (Show)
userForm :: Monad m => Form Text m User
userForm = User
  <$> "name" .: text Nothing
  <*> "mail" .: check "Not a valid email address" checkEmail (text Nothing)

Gotchas: Get requests don't get processed with the relevant `runForm` functions implemented by all the web framework bindings. No idea.

Written by Christian Stryczynski on Monday April 3, 2017

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