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Southern Railway Delay Repay Nightmare

Posted on: 20/11/2017

Update: I finally got this resolved. I got sent some ‘vouchers’ in the mail having got back in contact on twitter. Still a huge nuisance though…

About a month ago I took a train journey that was delayed by two hours so I decided to try out the delay repay thing…

Claim was rejected twice (by email - with a no reply address), with no explanation. Once I posted it on twitter - I got some correspondance from a @SouthernRailUK with a helpfull explanation that my claim was rejected as I was delayed by 118 minutes and not 120 therefor could not claim 100% of the fare but only 50%.

I was then told I would receive a refund of 50% - however I haven’t found anything in my paypal or bank account statements reflecting this.

Not really sure what I expect from this blogpost - possibly I might be able to provide insight into the service one can expect (hey perhaps it’ll change!). Perhaps I’ll get ads on this eventually and it’ll compensate me for my time.


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