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Heart Internet sucks

Need telephone support (because your website is a nightmare to use)? Press 4 for technical support, "for security reasons you need to use the online ticket system". 

Firstly, if you buy a domain, you can't just point your domain to them. Nope, you have to literally transfer your domain over. 

Holy dam. Just had a client who uses them as a host.

Need SSH? Then you need to download a PDF form, fill it out, email or FAX them?!?!? Indemnify them against any damage caused? Passport? Utility bill?

Need to make a MySQL user, then don't use a username longer than 9 chars.

Oh is your site down? Well in case you want urgent support they show you this:

Have a look at another unhappy customer: 

Holy dam, worst web host I've ever dealt with!

If you're thinking of switching, I've had much better experience with 1and1 and Linode.

Written by Christian Stryczynski on Thursday June 15, 2017

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