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Haskell learning resources - highly recommended book in the Haskell circles.

Free: - I really liked the wikibook when I was learning Haskell. It's not as in depth, and does not cover all of the topics - but it's a great starting point.
What I wish I knew when learning Haskell - INCREDIBLY resourceful community edited document into a whole range of Haskell related topics. debugging, editors, frameworks etc. This thing is huge! - a slack community. There is a dedicated #haskell-beginners channel. A great community - which was a HUGE help to me when I first started learning. 

I see a lot of Haskell newcomers who are not aware of ghcid, which automatically reloads (compiles) your code within GHCI (the Haskell interpreter implementation) and shows relevant errors. Did I also mention it's incredibly fast, perhaps even instantaneous?

Tutorials I've only seen this recently.

Written by Christian Stryczynski on Thursday May 18, 2017

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