Christian Stryczynski

Freelance software developer. Haskelling at night. Hopefully unconventional. Fan of Dvorak

Freelance Haskell Developer

I'm now available as a freelance Haskell developer / consultant. 

An example project:

I'm pretty well versed with software development (most predominantly with backend web development), having over 5 years of experience. I've been a full time independent software developer / consultant for over 6 months now. I'm at an early stage of Haskell fluency, but I definitely feel I'm able to deliver value to projects. I've got a pretty reasonable rate as well. 

So far my Haskell experience has been with Scotty (which I used to create the above project).

Always happy to have a chat. I can be reached on email - chris at soundshare dot co dot uk

Written by Christian Stryczynski on Friday July 7, 2017

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